Top Thoughts on Art – 5 Most Read Pieces

Hello dear readers! It’s been a year since I launched Thoughts on Art, and miraculously, I’ve managed to produce 52 posts in that time, leading to an average of a post a week. While it was perhaps a far-off goal to write something every week when I started, and I achieved it only through inconsistent posting, I am delighted to have made it this far. This past year has been full of learning (online and off) – and I’m sure this coming year will bring more of the same.

As you await my next new piece, please enjoy the “Top 5 Most Read” from my first year.

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5. Kehinde Wiley at the Rubell

4. Selected Exhibitions at Art Basel – Political Works

3. When Home Won’t Let You Stay at Boston’s ICA

2. The People of Art Week Miami

  1. A Conversation with Diana Weymar of The Tiny Pricks Project

I hope you’ll continue reading with me!

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