Bonus Post: The People of Art Week Miami

How I adore the outfits of the people who show up at Miami’s Art Week! The outfits are amazing. I am hoping to continue to update this post throughout the week as I see amazing outfits… but here are the “best of” from yesterday’s Art Basel and Aqua openings (that I managed to capture) – now updating from the top!

Send me your images as comments or via instagram or email (contact [at] beacon gallery [dot] com) and I’ll add them!

David Mandel 
@strosbergmandel on Instagram
Wearing a style he calls “Trash and Vaudville, NYC”
Also wearing jewelry he made 
David Mandel Jewlery
Scarf by Strosberg Mandel 
Showing at Art Gaysel #1409 Lincoln Rd Room 2020
5 pm – 1 am 
Unique accessorization. Photo credit: Rachel Legault
Jamaal Eversley
Wearing “celebr8” scarf available March 2020
And Hand-painted shoes by JDG 
Ryan Bolton of Ryan Bolton Gallery placing a spell on Cecilia
Jose Alexzander (fashion designer, center)
Collection – follow on Instagram @inspirational_wearable_art 
Kelly Lyles in her African print dress at Aqua Art Miami
The back of Kelly’s business card, featuring her shoe and fashion car
Takeshi Hamanaka (aka Takeshi Spider)
wearing his “Spider street show” You can find him walking around Ocean Drive Dec 3-8 
He’s come direct from Tokyo for art week, this is his 20th street show and has been traveling his art since 2010.
His piece features more than 300+ recycled plastic bottles turned into a Black Widow spider.  
There is no light without darkness” 
Jesse Cohen (@jessethecohen on Instagram) – visit him as he helps out at room 212 at Aqua!
Subtle skull pattern on Jesse’s shirt needed its own photo
Rafael Njaim and Monica Leo visiting Beacon Gallery’s space at Aqua Art Miami
Art Basel look – photo credit Raquel Fornasaro
Justin Love, artist, in front of his painting “Going Someplace Good” on view at Aqua Penthouse 214
Eva Mueller – photographer – and owner of kickass hair and clothes
Photo credit Rachel Legault she calls this look “The Sia of Miami”
Gold – Red – Green trio at Art Basel
Sunglass Hat – Art Basel
“No Cash Value” at Art Basel (also seen at Aqua Art Miami)
This head-to-toe ensemble at Art Basel. The man with an approximately foot-tall headdress is walking away from me, in case it’s not clear. Believed to be sculptor Chakaia Booker David Owens.

I would also like to take a moment to shoutout to the women in yellow wig and yellow jumpsuit with a fake cat on her shoulder at Art Miami – she looked amazing and I regret not taking her photo!

So, send in your photos, and come back for more during the week!

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