Unit London Gallery

Ryan Hewett show at Unit London, Summer 2019

In July 2019 I had the opportunity to visit London’s Unit Gallery while visiting the city.

Amongst my visits to many of the most famous sites in the city with my family (including my 5 and 7 year-old boys) a moment stolen in a contemporary art gallery was pure bliss. (Although I also really enjoyed seeing the Frieze Sculpture Fair at Regent’s Park – check out that and other posts from that time period for more art!)

Ryan Hewett, Skin and Petals I, 2018

The two shows on view at the time were Ryan Hewett’s New Paintings, and Sage Vaughn’s Come Together, Far Away.

Hewett’s works have been shown a few times at Unit, and this series in particular focused on the female form – a frequent subject for the artist.

Ryan Hewett, La Femme I, 2019
La Femme II, 2019

Hewett’s use of geometric forms and sharp lines on solid background create stark profiles and dramatic figures.

Ryan Hewett, La Femme IV, 2019

Hewett’s work was a pleasant discovery – I’m consistently amazed by the creativity and diversity of artwork being made today.

View to the floor below
The downstairs show…
Downstairs space with Sage Vaughn’s work
More of Sage Vaughn’s work in Unit London’s exceptional space

Sage Vaughn’s work suited the unique downstairs space, with its herringbone floors and energetically painted columns and walls well. His work uses a kaleidoscope of natural flora and fauna to compose a scene, vision or portrait unique to himself. Despite Vaughn being from California, his work was another discovery for me in London.

What’s happening now at Unit?

Tom French, Dualities 6, 2019

Transcend, the solo show by the late Tom French, was just extended through March 7th. This incredibly talented artist passed away during his show’s run due to a longstanding illness. He was clearly a remarkable talent.

Check out Unit London’s website for more info on everything going on there!

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