On view through September 28, 2019 at the New Art Center in Newton, Massachusetts is a small group show.

Yet within the small Holzwasser Gallery are some charming pieces worthy of note and enjoyment.

New Art Center - Schools of Thought
New Art Center - Schools of Thought
Top: Kayla Mathieu 2019 Self Portrait, 2019, Oil on Canvas
Bottom: Marte Humbert, Bead Crochet Link Necklace, 2018, Glass Beads, Thread

The painted portrait above seems to be one in a series, given the title 2019 Self Portrait. It would be lovely to see how they have evolved year on year as she ages and as she matures as an artist.

Humbert’s necklace above is eye-catching and reminiscent of a heavy gold chain, yet is crocheted glass beads. The intricate nature and variety of the individual links make for a stunning piece of wearable art.

New Art Center - Schools of Thought
Catherine Graffam, im doin fine, 2019
Oil on wood

Catherine Graffam’s im doin fine is a lovely portrait. Rather than looking out at the viewer, the subject is either looking down, or her eyes are closed. Her lips are pursed. Is she really doing fine?

New Art Center - Schools of Thought

I’ve always been a big fan of geometric art, and Hernandez’s piece is stimulating and enjoyable in just the way that I love graphic, geometric art to be.

Overlapping shapes and fields of color create an abstract graphic puzzle. The piece is full of depth thanks to the shading used on what some could interpret as three-dimensional blocks in the piece.

In addition to this brief selection, there are many other works also worth a look for sure! Here are a few:

And, as these are teachers at the New Art Center, many are available to teach their craft directly to anyone who may fall in love with their style.