I Spy Andy Warhol’s Flowers…

Andy Warhol’s work continues to influence and dominate the art fair world in ways beyond another other modern artist… Usually one expects to see versions of his celebrity portraits, and certainly, those were visible, but the portraits of Warhol’s flowers were an additional surprise – cropping up all over.

I found two originals, one on canvas, one on vellum during my wanderings through three of the main art fairs: Art Basel, Context and Art Miami. Had I more time, I certainly would have found more of both the originals (most likely) and takeoffs (for sure)

The Originals

For reference, here is what Warhol “himself” (or his factory) created – four oversaturated flowers surrounded by green grass.

Andy Warhol influence on Art
Ludorff (Gallery)

Andy Warhol, Flowers, Color offset lithograph on vellum, 1964, sheet 23 x 23 inches.

Andy Warhol influence on Art
Edward Tyler Nahem (Gallery)

Andy Warhol, Flowers, 1964, synthetic polymer and silkscreen ink on canvas, 24 x 24.

The piece above is suspiciously bright for its age, but I did no due diligence regarding its provenance so cannot make any claims.

The direct mimics

Pettibone is one of the original mimics of popular artwork from the mid-20th century. Here we find his mini flower pieces at Art Basel with Galerie Mitterand.

Andy Warhol influence on Art
Richard Pettibone, at Galerie Mitterand

Pettibone chose to recreate the work of leading avant-garde artists whose careers were often centered on themes of replication themselves, further lending irony to his work.

Andy Warhol influence on Art
Andy Warhol influence on Art
What I assume is another Pettibone, from Galerie Vedovi
Andy Warhol influence on Art
Pettibone, Galerie Vedovi

Above, the most “meta” of all the homage pieces. I like how obviously “ripped off” it is, and only a year after Warhol. Shows vision.

The “Homage to” / “Inspired By” Warhol’s Flowers

Andy Warhol influence on Art
Works by Hamilton Aguiar, Hazelton Fine Art Galleries, Context
[piece is resin – so shiny!]
Andy Warhol influence on Art
Damian Elwes, Warhol’s Factory (New York, 1965), 2018, Modernism, Inc. I believe there are a total of 11 flower paintings in this one piece.
Andy Warhol influence on Art
Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Yellow Floral Beach Umbrella photograph face mounted on plexiglass, Galerie de Bellefeuille
(perhaps the true “homage” was therefore the umbrella, not the photograph?)
Andy Warhol influence on Art
Donald Sultan, Black Flowers, 2002, Galerie Forsblom

More thoughts on the Miami art fairs coming!