Visting Wynwood Walls in Miami – December 2019 Edition

Wynwood Walls is a great place to visit when in Miami. The wall murals change on a regular basis, offering street artists an artistic venue with a lot of foot traffic and a chance for appreciation from the masses.

Shepard Fairey’s mural is one of the first encountered when entering Wynwood Walls, and has also been there the longest, I would venture.

Shepard Fairey ‘s mural

The crew and I came out to Miami a little ahead of Art Basel to redo my Wynwood Walls mural as a tribute to Wynwwod Walls creator Tony Goldman, who recently passed away.  I spoke to Tony’s wife Janet and discussed his inspirations in art, music, and politics. Many of his heroes are my heroes too, so I created a mural to celebrate Tony and our mutual inspirations. That’s Tony with the cowboy hat in the center warmly greeting visitors as he always did. The Goldmans have been an incredible support not only to me, but to many artists. The Wynwood Walls have a ton of great murals. Check them out if you come to Miami.

Shepard Fairey
Photo credit Martha Cooper and Obey Giant

Tony Goldman conceived of the “Wynwood Walls” concept back in 2009, and it’s become a thriving tourist destination as well as a location for enduring urban artworks to be appreciated in an outdoor setting. The walls are curated by he Walls are curated by Goldman Global Arts, which also runs an indoor gallery inside the complex. They claim the following (which I have no reason to doubt, but also no statistics to back up)

#1 Cultural attraction in Miami

21 Countries represented

100 artists

35,000 SQ FT of walls

75,000 gallons of paint

100,000+ spray cans

3,000,000 visitors per year

Goldman Global Arts

The walls are certainly compelling and I’ve loved every visit.

This gorgeous piece is by ASHOP Crew
Detail of the piece by Ernesto Maranje
Detail of the piece by Ernesto Maranje – I adore the botanic detail on both animals. The style of using flora to illustrate an animate creature reminds me a bit of Arcimboldo
Spring by Giuseppe Arcimboldo
This huge mural overlooks the “official” Wynwood Walls, as is one of the most spectacular works visible. The piece, by EL MAC is sublime.
Buff Monster
Audrey Kawasaki
Always amazing to see a mural underway . This one is by Dasic Fernández.
The finished product. Photo credit Dasic Fernández’s Instagram @dasicfernandez
This mural by Eduardo Kobra was the background for many portraits

GGA Gallery at the end of the Wynwood Walls stroll is a strong addition to the outdoor art scene. It acts as as a place where visitors can bring a piece of the Wynwood experience home, and has both strong visitor numbers and sales. The art on view is mostly by current and past Walls artists, although other artists with a similar unique vibe are also present.

As someone who has always enjoyed political art this piece was a favorite, especially as the piece itself is a trapezoid, made to look like a shipping crate for a blue and white ginger jar, but rather than the traditional motif as decor, this features a landscape destroyed by floods.

Leon Keer, Fragile (2019)

Overall, Wynwood Walls is worth a visit whenever in Miami. It’s free to enter, can be as short or as long a visit as one wants, is child friendly and is a chance to connect with artwork that isn’t traditionally shown in most museums.

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